"Top Tips" for a Successful Campaign

Central Heating Leaflet Image

Try to have clear understanding of the campaign objectives & discuss expectations with a representative from Letterbox Direct.

Design a piece that works specifically in the Direct Marketing Arena and that creates IMPACT.

Format and size is very important

consider different paginations think about the physical presence of your leaflet how will it standout?

Creative Execution

less is more (esp. on the front cover) - use 3 key messages backed up by branding hierarchy of communication

Use a strong hook to grab attention

8 seconds to make an impression reward the recipient with a strong offer (Greed is Good!) relevancy helps but a good piece will still be read by the recipient


take advice plan in advance to make sure you are not disappointed with lack of availability keep to the deadlines and packing instructions to avoid problems

Insert & distribute as frequently as possible

"Not necessarily the once" – Recall and impact builds as recipients become accustomed to receiving the message

Don’t be afraid to test & evaluate

ensure that the test quantity is big enough don't test too many different elements at the same time