Post It Notes

Letterbox Direct pioneered one of the most innovative concepts in the regional press by offering customers a fantastic new solution in direct marketing.

Two newspapers with Post Its on each


The concept is simple and easy for advertisers to understand. Post-it-Notes are pre-printed with the customer’s advertising/promotional message and then applied to the front page of free titles. These notes can be peeled off easily and kept by the reader for reference. The initiative was imported from the U.S, where they are widely used to promote specific offers / events or as a cross-reference to run-on-paper advertising within a title. Concept Front Page Flags can be targeted to post code sector level when applied to free newspapers and the creative opportunities are seemingly endless. Customers can chose different colours shapes and sizes or can have their message printed on a specific die-cut shaped Post-it-Note. i.e. In the shape of a foot, light bulb, vehicle or telephone. Just about any shape is possible.

Two newspapers with Post Its on each


Letterbox Direct arrange the whole campaign from the design of your message, the printing of the Post-it-Notes and the application and delivery of them. Minimum order 20,000 is required.