Frequently Asked Questions

If my leaflet goes out with the free newspaper will it go to every house in the area?

The coverage of a free newspaper is decided by the Publisher and is usually based on a various criteria. It is extremely unlikely that the newspaper will be delivered to every single household within the area that a customer wishes to target. If in doubt ask what the coverage is compared to the total number of households within the area you wish to deliver to.

Do I have to go to every house that the free newspaper goes to?

No. The coverage of a free newspaper is broken down by post code sector and a deliverable quantity for each sector will be available. Customers are able to choose which sectors they wish to cover thus reducing any obvious wastage.

How can I get my leaflet delivered to the people that are most likely to shop at my store?

Various targeting methods are available to ensure that promotional material is delivered into homes that are likely to prompt the best levels of response. Firstly, it is important to identify the correct geographic catchment for the relevance of the promotional message e.g. by Drivetime or Radius. Once the catchment has been determined we can then target by using lifestyle data to reach the correct audience.

Will my leaflet be delivered with other leaflets?

Yes. It is more than likely that your leaflet will be delivered at the same time as a small number of other leaflets.

How far in advance should I plan my leaflet campaign?

Deadlines can vary and it is always best to check first. However, in general you should allow about a month from start to finish. This will enable you to consider various design options, plan the targeting, print the leaflets and then have them delivered. Obviously larger print runs of sophisticated designs can affect the lead times.

What sort of response can I expect?

Response rates can fluctuate dramatically from leaflet to leaflet, week to week and business to business. As a result of this Letterbox Direct will never quote you or guarantee a level of response that you can expect.